Osiko Metals - ZINC


Osisko Metals has staked 12 grass-roots zinc properties covering a total of 42,000 hectares of mineral claims throughout the province of Quebec. Regional geological research and expert analysis and compilation of surface sediment geochemistry and mineral occurrence found within governmental databases identified 12 under-explored zinc targets that were available for map staking. These are referred to as the Quebec Genex projects.

The projects are all hosted in classic geological environments for zinc, including stratiform sediment-hosted and its metamorphic equivalents (“SEDEX” and “BALMAT”), volcanogenic massive sulphides (“VMS”), and the Mississippi Valley Type (“MVT”).

Of the twelve (12) properties, a few have been identified as being highly prospective, and will be priority targets for the Company’s first phase of exploration work.

SCHEFFERVILLE SEDEX Largest surface area of lake sediment zinc anomalies in Canada (60 x 10 km) with values up to 5000 ppm Zn; Origin tied to one geological formation; Source unknown; No drilling; No rock sampling
MONTAUBAN SEDEX 9 showings along a 7 km trend with grab samples up to 17.1% Zn; Limited previous drilling
NORMETAL SUD SEDEX 6 showings over 10 km trend with grab samples up to 10.2% Zn; No previous drilling
ASCENSION BALMAT 4 showings with grab samples up to 18.2% Zn; No previous drilling
GATINEAU-WALLACE BALMAT 1 showing with grab samples up to 5.5% Zn, no previous drilling; Untested EM anomalies
KILMAR BALMAT 1 showing with grab samples up to 16.7% Zn; No previous drilling; Adjacent to former magnesite mine
DUNHAM MVT 5 showings with grab samples up to 5% Zn+Pb along 15 km trend; Limited previous drilling
HEMMINGFORD MVT 2 near-surface mineralized zones; Limited previous drilling; up to 8.3% Zn / 1 metre in drilling; Plan is to sample "La Colle Breccia" outcrops
LEEDS MVT 3 showings along 17 km-long trend with DDH up to 15.5% Zn / 1 m; Limited previous drilling
LIZARD MVT 1 showing with grab samples up to 22.5% Zn+Pb; No previous drilling
GRAVELLY MVT 7 showings withgrab samples up to 12.7% Zn+Pb; Limited previous drilling
MT ST PIERRE MVT 2 showings with grab samples up to 28.8% Zn+Pb; No previous drilling

Quebec GenEx Project Map
Joint Venture Base Metal Projects with Osisko Mining
Pine Point Mining Camp, Northwest Territories